Accion means Action in the Spanish language. This deep focus on Action and Outcome is what drives our philosophy of execution.

We follow an Agile methodology in everything we do – whether we are doing staffing, or POC development, or new product development, or product maintenance/support, or QA automation and anything else.

Besides being Agile, we offer a range of flexible engagement models. Thus, we offer a number of engagement models ranging from collaborative development, shared-IP, outcome-oriented turn-key projects, offshore leveraged CDLs, etc


We offers :

Development Methodology

Accion Labs follows a suite of time-tested and proven methodologies for software development. These methodologies are customized for various types of project requirements, and the development life-cycle..
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Engagement Options

Accion Labs offers a range of flexible and collaborative engagement models such as Extended Delivery Center (EDC), Project Services and Pro-Staffing services.
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