Extended Delivery Center (EDC)

Through the EDC model, Accion helps technology firms setup their own remote delivery teams. Teams could be setup at the client-site, near-shore (another city in the US) or offshore in India.

Depending on the location chosen, clients enjoy a range of different benefits as shown below:

Project Management Plan

Built on the principles of 100% white-box operation and Agile/Scrum delivery, the model addresses typical challenges of distributed delivery such as transparency, delayed response, control, IP Protection, time-zone/cultural differences, talent retention, etc.

Below are some of the salient features of the EDC model:

  • Built upon the philosophy of “co-development”, “virtual teams” and “white-box” execution (as against an outsourcing-themed black-box models)
  • A white-box model enables: Talent creation and retention, Brand development,Gain transparency and control, Complete integration of teams, Customized delivery/execution methodology, IP protection and knowledge retention
  • Built on a Strong Operational framework and Mature Governance model
  • Offers a well-defined process and a collection of guidelines, checklists, tools, templates, etc
  • Fosters true partnership and joint ownership through equal investments
  • An EDC team can work on the full PDLC cycle such as New Dev, Sustenance, QA, Support, PS, etc.
  • The model supports execution of multiple projects of varying complexity and duration – all at the same time!
  • Ability to offer Flex-capacity models
  • Options available to enable client organizations acquire the EDC teams in future through our version of the BOT (built-operate-transfer) model
  • Enables entry into international markets such as EMEA, APAC and SAARC nation