Bangalore New office setup

Accion Labs is growing swiftly. This positive rapid growth is an exciting part of our business and organization.

To come across the overview of our new office setup, we after seeing around 82 places at Bangalore we have selected the best out of all. The Bangalore new office set up was successfully accomplished during November 2013.

Accion Labs Bangalore office is located in Sigma Soft Tech Park which is deemed to be one of the best IT Tech Park in Bangalore with good lively environment, unique balcony, ambience and beautiful garden surrounding the building premises giving peaceful atmosphere. New office aptly reflects the logo color of Accion Labs. Sufficient workstations have enhanced the work level of employees. In addition to this, we have beautifully decorated the reception desk to welcome the individuals on their arrival. The new office set up has a place for leisure with beautiful couch, game area, TV, Music system, and other such entertainment stuffs. Along with all this, we have the colorful hunger hub, with vast choices of snacks and cookies. Our new office ensures highly security system. In precise words, our new Accion Labs, Bangalore office is beautiful, luxurious, secured and full of life.

The new facility has ensured us to have a great work environment and comfortably accommodate our upcoming needs.

We have initiated many employee welfare and engagement activities after moving to our new location and successfully met employee satisfaction.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their hard work and putting your best at Accion Labs.