About Our Talent

Accion resources bring hands-on experience of working with a very diverse set of commercial products, SAAS, e-commerce and e-business firms.

These firms come from a range of industries (health-care, financial services, manufacturing, retail/distribution, legal, etc), platforms (Unix, Windows, Linux, etc), deployment models (SaaS, cloud, on-premise, etc) and business models (license, subscription-based, etc).

Below are some additional high-lights:

  • 95% of our resources have hands-on technical skills in programming in one of the emerging technologies such as Web 2.0, SaaS, cloud
  • 100% of our resources have engineering or computer science background and about 40% have post-graduate degrees
  • 92% of our resources have experience working in an Agile methodology and at least half of them have strong exposure to TDD
  • 80% of our resources have worked with at least one leading tech firm such as SAS, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, NYTimes.com, Google, SAP, Facebook and many such top firms