Our Clients

Accion clients include a technology firms ranging from start-ups, growth-stage product firms, matured product firms, SaaS firms, e-business firms and enterprise IT organizations. Our clients come from a diverse set of industries such as platform software, retail software, financial software, online media, social media, insurance, legal and education industries. Below is a partial list of our clients:

Start-up and Early-stage Firms

  • A leading provider of talent management software  for the returning US war veterans
  • Developer of remote health-monitoring and care management software
  • A SaaS-based retail analytic product provider for the leading US retailers
  • An innovative provider of SaaS-based marketing automation platform for the destination marketing industry
  • A venture-funded firm with a SaaS platform for Cloud Brokering services
  • Developer of an e-loyalty management platform

Growth-stage firms

  • A leading provider of e-prescription software for the US health-care industry
  • The provider of IP-video and TV technology and platform
  • Developer of remote health-monitoring and care management software

Matured Product/SaaS firms

  • A leading provider of EAI and SOA platform software 
  • A leading provider of Search technology and archival software
  • A leading provider of SaaS-based ITLM (IT Lifecycle Management) platform
  • A leading e-business service provider in the US Mortgage Origination services

Enterprise IT Organizations

  • A leading provider of technology solutions to the US defense industy 
  • A large supply-chain and logistics service provider to the US retail industry
  • A leading producer of Consumer Packaged Goods in the pet food segment
  • A leading provider of Mortgage Servicing services to leading banks and financial services
  • A leading provider of Residential Healthcare Services

Please contact us at info@accionlabs.com to know more about our clients and to get a copy of our case-studies.