Our Story

Our Story

Back in early 2000s, soon after the Internet bubble burst, our founding team started re-imagining the supply chain of software innovation.

In the first wave of e-nnovation, technology firms were being built in a very long “waterfall” type model where the founding team would begin by raising a large chunk of money and then proceed to a number of long sequential tasks such as hiring of a large R&D team, definition of product requirements, definition of the development and production architectures and then finally the engineering and deployment of the product. This process took long, was error prone and was hard to control. A number of product firms failed to deliver value to the investors because of these problems.

Our founders envisioned a better way of building commercial products where the ‘innovators’ would partner with an engineering firm like Accion Labs to rapidly build the product without having to deal with the “logistics” of setting up facility, setting up teams, trying out different product architectures, etc.

In this model, besides being able to deliver the product early and avoid making early stage fixed-cost commitments, product firms can leverage the diverse expertise of the partner in building 100s of other commercial software products.

12+ years, 50+ product firms and over 450+ product releases later, today Accion Labs offers a range of flexible outcome-oriented models to help product firms leverage Accion’s ability to ramp-up R&D teams, our knowledge of the engineering and the industry best-practices and our range of pre-fabricated solutions in the emerging technology space.

I welcome you to explore this site for more information on us.

We feel we have the experience, the passion and the honest desire to partner with you and build next generation software products.

Pls feel free to reach me at kinesh.doshi@accionlabs.com to setup a meeting and see for yourself!


Kinesh Doshi