Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Outsourced Product Engineering and Development

The Product Development Life Cycle requires the highest standards of skills not only for initial development but in evolving the product to meet the demands of a continuously evolving market. Often the resources required for product development are difficult to hire, and even more difficult to retain throughout the life cycle of the product.

Outsourcing the development to a third party can help alleviate this resource constraint. But there are the obvious concerns of losing control of the product’s intellectual property. At Accion Labs, our product engineering and development services is designed specifically to address this concern. We focus on building and sustaining the highest standards of product development while maintaining a strict set of confidentiality and security measures that ensures no leakage of information outside the development team.

In addition to maintaining the intellectual property of the product owners, we help address the following concerns:

  • Development cost – utilize a combination of our offshore development centers in India to reduce development costs
  • Evolving market needs – using agile development methodologies, we can help keep your product in tune with evolving market needs
  • Time-to-market – outsourcing your development to an experienced team means you can get your product to the market in the shortest possible time
  • Versions and releases – we use the best version and release management processes to ensure that your versions and releases are maintained systematically
  • Localization – our expertise in handling products that speak multiple languages can help target your product to an international audience

Accion Labs has built a team that has several years of expertise in product engineering. Our focus on quality and expertise in emerging technologies such as big data, mobile development and cloud computing will help meet the needs of customers, improve customer satisfaction, and help generate increased return on development investments.

Working with a variety of customers across industries, continents, time zones, and cultures, we have pioneered a comprehensive multi-site, agile delivery methodology.