Start-up and Early Stage Firms

Services to Early Stage and Start-up Firms

Start-up firms need speed, agility and deep architectural know-how from their partners. Besides the need to rapidly realize market-potential and revenue, start-ups and early-stage firms need to control their burn-rate. Below are some of our services to start-ups and early-stage firms.

Prototype Design / Demo Development

Entrepreneurs need a demonstrable and presentable prototype to show to prospective investors and customers. Such projects are generally executed over 4-8 weeks and involve the following activities:

  1. Develop a “prototype script”
  2. Select the technology stack
  3. Develop a prototype mockup
  4. Setup of the development and deployment environments (AWS, Rackspace or any other cloud/hosted environment)
  5. Develop/deploy a demonstrable prototype application

Pilot (Version 1.0) Development

Once pilot customer or the test market is identified, entrepreneurs need to rapidly build a production-ready early yet usable version of the product – generally termed as Version 1.0. Again, time-to-market and speed are key for such projects. Such projects are executed over 3-8 months, sometimes they build upon the previous “prototype” phase and involve the following:

  1. Develop a detailed feature matrix and product requirements
  2. Develop a project plan and sprint plan
  3. Review the technology stack and ensure appropriate changes are incorporated
  4. Working with the client, develop/document a comprehensive SDLC
  5. Develop a comprehensive and “navigable” product mockup/wireframes
  6. Develop object model, data model and system specifications
  7. Iteratively develop/test various modules/features through Agile, Scrum or another similar methodology
  8. Develop Pilot roll-out road-map, “first” customer script, user-training plans, etc
  9. Setup the production environment, deploy the application and on-board “first” customer data and users