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Big Data Consulting & Implementation Solutions

Today’s business organizations are collecting vast amounts of data – varying in structure, complexity and size. However one thing all these organizations are discovering is that a wealth of strategic value lies in this data and traditional relational database management tools are unable to process them fast enough. Thankfully, in about the same time, several data-management tools have emerged loosely termed as “big data tools”.

Besides strong technical competency, using big data tools require a fundamental shift in how organizations view their data, its structure, the usage scenarios and the roles & responsibilities of the IT and user organizations.

Accion Labs Big Data practice assists our clients in both strategic upstream activities such as evaluating and developing big data road-map to implementation and support of large environments.


Accion Labs offers a range of Big Data consulting & implementation services to develop your big data solutions. With a team of big-data architects, data scientists, PMs and consultants trained at leading Big Data user firms such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook, we offer a balanced mix of strategy, design and implementation expertise.

We have delivered Big Data solutions in a range of industries such as media, telecom, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical aviation and retail industries.

Below are some of the highlights of our big-data experience

  • Some of the tools we have worked with are:
  • Hadoop and related tools such as HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, etc
  • NoSQL Databases such as MongoDB, Neo4J, Redis, Cassandra, etc
  • Advanced search technologies such as Lucene, Solr, etc
  • We have a team of 60+ Hadoop and big data resources with experience in development, installation, configuration and management of big-data environments
  • We have a strong Linux administration team with experience of installing, configuring, maintaining, monitoring and troubleshooting of Hadoop clusters
  • We have built several “packaged” solutions to automate the deployment and support of Hadoop environments

Big Data Case Stories

Below are some of our case stories

  • Developed an ETL and analytic environment for a large retail/supply chain firm to analyze their POS data with over 100TB of data collected from over 20 different channels using Hadoop MapReduce programs over HDFS repository

Environment: Hadoop, HDFS, Java, Linux

  • Developed a number of log analysis tools for analyzing web-site traffic for an online publishing firm an ability to analyze their web usage

Environment: Hadoop, HDFS, Java, Flume, Linux

  • Developed a patent search technology for a leading pharma firm that supports multiple persistence and indexing engines

Environment: Hadoop, Flume, MongoDB, Neo4J, Java/J2EE

  • Developed an advanced text search platform for a telecom firm to search through a range of content such as XML files, PDF files, Word documents, etc

Environment: Solr/Lucene, Java

  • Developed a CRM Analytic tool to analyze call-center logs for a leading telecom firm

Environment: Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Java/J2EE, C, MQ Series

Big Data Solutions

Advisory solutions

Our advisory solutions include:

  • Identifying/defining Big Data business/project initiatives
  • Developing a Big Data implementation road-map
  • Creation of proof of concepts, white papers, technology / tool evaluation services
  • Provide a road-map to help clients choose appropriate technologies / frameworks / tools
  • Implementation of best-practices and industry standards
  • Implementation of new tools, technologies to provide innovative solutions

Execution solutions

Our execution solutions include:

  • Planning, design and implementation of a Hadoop and other Big Data environments
  • Develop/enhance Java or C++ or LAMP based applications on existing or new Hadoop implementations
  • Troubleshooting/performance optimization of existing Hadoop implementations
  • Data quality management and data harmonization projects
  • Testing/QA of big data applications, automation of data validations and regression test scenarios
  • Documentation, programmer trainings, reverse-engineering, upgrade, maintenance, migration and other steady-state services

We offer staffing services (contract, contract-to-hire and direct perm), project services (fixed-price/fixed-scope, T&M, managed T&M, outcome-oriented, etc) and offshore services (T&M, extended team, project-based, etc).

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